Games, Movies, and Anime: A Poster Collection by David Goh

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Oh, hey there!

If you’re in New York City anytime before September 21st, visit me at work one day for fun, laughter, and yarn!

Yes …yarn!

I teach and work at Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and if you visit while I’m in (or get the coupon from me beforehand), you’ll receive a whopping 20% off your entire purchase (…excluding non-sale items of course!).

Hope to see y’all soon!

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best. fucking. thing. evar. 

Artistic games

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Jinora’s going to be the tallest because of reasons


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Jesse Boykins IIIToo Much (Live Freestyle at the Superdome) [@Drake| Sampha Remix] https://soundcloud.com/jesseboykinsiii/too-much-live-freestyle-drakesampha-remix @EssenceFest 

Behind the scenes of Shameless season 5


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